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The Beginning

Well, it has now been about 6 weeks since I turned 49.

How could this be…….?

How did this happen……..?

It seems 49 has snuck up on me with a resounding BOO!!!  It feels like a turning point and I intend to document it.

I’ll start with fitness.  This summer, I have been slowly working on a 6-8 week, learn-to-run, do-a-5K program with Older Sis.  The original plan was to participate in the Army Run (5K) in Ottawa on September 19th with Younger Sis who was training for the half-marathon.  That’s the kind of supportive family we are!

Alas, Younger Sis developed a chronic injury that prevented her from achieving her goal.  We mourned for her.

And then we decided that shopping in Montreal for 4 days was a fine way to recover from our disappointment.  Flexibility is the hallmark of a mature individual!  Plan B!!

Nutrition has always been important in our family, mostly for weight management and vanity, sadly.  However, I have begun following the health/fitness blogs of several brilliant young women (to be documented when I figure out how).  It’s changing the way I view food and I intend to  try some of the smart, delicious looking meals they picture so beautifully on their blogs.  Kudo’s to them for changing the way we all view food.

Health has always been important in our family.  Mummy is a nurse.  After spending a few days in the hospital a couple of years ago, I vow never to spend another night there, EVER, in my entire life!  Vitamins, good food, yoga, cardiovascular training, strength work, meditation…..what ever it takes!

My spiritual/emotional life could use some work, as well as the social life, because I spend too much time wrapped up in work.  Great boss, great job, great coworkers.  Not enough balance.  Meditation, here I come.

Romance?  None.  ‘Nuff said.

That’s me.  That’s the beginning.  On to a fuller, richer, healthier year.  And life.


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