More on Energy

On  Friday night, I had a coffee with a new acquaintance.  I always enjoy meeting new people and conversations, and am generally pretty social.

My observation after an hour was that first impressions are very important.  And so is personal energy.

This person had a very interesting energy in some not-so-positive ways.

And I started thinking about what kind of energy I am contributing to the world.  How does my energy affect those I interact with and what does it say about me?

My intention is to have an energy that is young, positive, dynamic, flexible, growth-oriented, open and accepting.  What can I do to ensure this?

First and foremost, I think it’s important to experience new things and learn all the time.  Otherwise, I feel I will get staid, mouldy, set in my ways.  Old.  Yuck!

Second, I believe that being healthy and fit contribute not only to a great physical energy but also to a dynamic mental one.

Third, bravery is terribly important.   Feel the fear and do it anyway, as they say!!

Energy….what radiates between you and me.  What can I do to contribute more to mine in a positive way?

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