Age and Experience

A day into the new week and it’s feeling great.  I had a great workout yesterday – a 4 mile walk in 60 minutes.  I felt like I was flowing for a part of it – barely touching the ground!

Nutrition has been excellent.  Voila the lunchbox yesterday and today (ate the same thing)…

Yogurt and blueberries for breakfast, baby carrots mid-morning, a tuna sandwich with tomatoes and a salad for lunch, and grapes and an apple for afternoon fruit.  I think I hit all the food groups there!

I was reading The Healthy Tipping Point blog yesterday and Caitlin Boyle, the author, was highly distressed about a rather vicious article published by Marie Claire magazine about her and a group of other women bloggers.  The article was very negative.

I know what it’s like to be attacked and to be labeled.  And when you are  in the midst of that cyclone, it’s hard not to feel completely victimized and hurt.  However, after reading the article, I could immediately see it as a business maneuver.

This is the best benefit of having much more life experience.  Objectivity.   The ability to understand the situation for what it really is.

What people say and do usually reflects their needs, perspective, insecurities, talents, and personality.  My goal of late has been to not let others reflect their opinions onto me.  It’s merely a manifestation of their own stuff.  My opinion of myself needs to come from what is inside me only.

I sent Caitlin an email, and asked her to trust in herself and continue to be authentic and focused.  She sent me a note back thanking me for my kindness.  That’s true class and is a truer reflection of kind of person she is.  I am impressed.

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