Giving Thanks

It’s a beautiful, sunny Monday morning here – and it’s Thanksgiving weekend.

It’s Monday morning and although I do love my job, I’m not working!  For this, I give many thanks.

Instead, I’m cozy on the couch in my yoga pants, with coffee, Ellen, and a laptop. I”ve been downloading my pictures from the weekend.

It was a lovely, fun-filled, food-filled, family weekend.  For this, I give many thanks.

It was nice to be together with everyone, including the Pooch.  We cooked turkey, ate pie and laughed more than I have laughed in a long, long time.  For this, I give many thanks.

And the pie!

My Mom bakes the most delicious pie!  For this, I give many thanks.

Today, I will putter around my lovely little house which I love and get ready for the upcoming week.  For this, I give many thanks.

It won’t be an easy week.  I have some challenges ahead of me.  A meeting I’m not looking forward to.  A policy to write on a subject about which I know nothing – definitely a good learning experience.  However, I’ve had enough adversity in the last ten years that I know I will sail through all of this.  It may take some yoga-breathing in the moment, but I can handle it.

Adversity is tough in the moment, but it certainly teaches life skills that are priceless.  For this, I give many thanks.

And, after a weekend of indugence, and alot of conversation about the many paths to good health, I’m going to make prepping for a healthy week a priority today.  My sisters are a constant source of motivataion and inspiration.  I am sad for everyone else in the world because these two women are the best sisters on the planet, and they’re mine.

For this, I give many, many thanks.

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