Moving the Body to Calm the Mind

I had a complicated business lunch on Thursday.  It stayed with me through out the remainder of the day, kept me up on Thursday night, stuck with me on Friday in the form of a headache whick kept right on into Saturday.

Today, I’d had enough.  After some necessary chores and some good solid healthy food (rather than the junk I’d been inhaling in response to the emotional roller coaster), I threw on my sneakers and hit the gym.

The plan wasn’t to go to extremes.  In fact, the plan was the opposite.

I walked on the treadmill to my favorite ballads….and then slowed down my mind with a yoga class.


It felt great and my headache is finally gone.  I think I have my perspective back.

In the coming weeks as autumn flows through to winter, I’m going to work hard at getting to the gym almost every day.   Moving my body has always calmed my mind.  And I need a place to get a new perspective.  I need to be surrounded by new people and I need to do new things.  Change my energy.

On another note, I ran into a childhood friend from Mrs. Egan’s Grade 6 class at yoga.  Fun!  She’s crazy fit.

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