Learning, learning, learning…..

It’s a gloomy Saturday morning and it’s nice to relax….sort of.

Did some coffee-drinkin’, did some surfin’, did some healthy eatin’….

And then I threw on my sneakers and went for a walk in the gloom and the drizzle.

I was thinking about work (of course!) but wanted to shift my focus on all things personal.

Priority 1:  Personal life.

I’ve decided to make my social/romantic life a project.  Good friend Shawna tells me that anyone over 35 who wants to meet someone special needs to make it a project.  OK.

So, I joined Lavalife, Match.com and solicited friends/sisters for single men recommendations.

And I’ve been on one blind date so far.  Not great.

So, on to the next intro.  I have another blind date coming up with a nice man met on Lavalife.  Oh. My. God.  I’m a cliche!  I met someone on the internet.

Even more cliche-ish is that I’m on a mission to lose 3 pounds and get a haircut before that happens!!  Never mind losing 10 before anything (with anyone) more intimate happens.  Do all women do this?????

So, lots of exercise, lots of low-cal, super-healthy food, lots of sleep and no salt!!

Feels good to make some progress here.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

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