Work and Energy

Today was one of those days where I kept 20 balls in the air all day.  Everything from Errors and Omissions insurance, to interviewing recruiters, to QA’ing press release documents, to hand-holding consultants, to learning about Canadian politics in 1984!  What a day!!

A quick trip around Costco with a friend yielded jeans that don’t fit, yoga pants that are ugly, a trashy novel and some greek yogurt.  Nothing much accomplished there.

And it’s almost time for bed with nothing accomplished but alot of energy spent on work.  And none on me.

However, I’m going to try anti-gravity yoga with Shawna.  Should be interesting!

I’ve said this a thousand times, but I need to have more fun.  This looks like a good place to start.

On a physical note:  period 3 days late.  PMS lasting forever!!!  A symptom of 49 perhaps?

Off to bed.

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