Sunday, Sunday……

It’s a lovely Sunday morning in Ottawa.  A sunshine-y November morning.  And the time changed last night, so I get an extra hour today.  Yipee!!

Had a good breakfast (egg, whites, spinach, tomato, toast with raspberry jam – YUM!).

Accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee….

The plan for today is:  groceries, a wee bit of housework (very wee), some errands and a long walk with a great friend.  All good.  Maybe even  little yoga.

I regularly remain in “productive” mode on weekends — I often can’t seem to downshift out of the craziness of the work week into a lower recreational gear on the weekends.  Don’t judge, people!  I’m trying!!

It’s been a new goal for this year — enjoy my weekends and play time more.  A good goal, definitely.

Also on the subject of having fun, I am scheduled to meet 2 men for coffee/wine in the coming week!  One is an acquaintance through work from a decade ago, the other is a new acquaintance though Lavalife.  Such is the power of intention.  I have set my intention to meet new men and expand my social/romantic life.  And it seems the universe is listening to me.

Again, on the subject of having fun, I bought a book on running.  I really want to enjoy running more.  It is my intention to be a better runner which means I will need to enjoy it more!

Born to Run is going to change my running life, I think.  I BELIEVE!  I BELIEVE!  (It is Sunday morning, after all)  🙂

On to a shower and the day….

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