Long Winter Nights

Although it was a bright windy day, tonight is the first evening of winter darkness.  Dusk by 5:15.   It’s lot harder to be productive after work when it’s chilly and dark.

So, the big question is  how do I fight the sniffles, the fatigue from a crazy day, and the automatic need to cocoon during this time of year?  More sleep?  More vitamins?  Mind over matter?

I also need to find a way to resist the urge to veer off the road home to the grocery store where cupcakes and salty snacks live!!

And so, we’re now into pre-winter and I am dealing with a huge urge to eat sugar.  This was actually a two-bite cupcake…but there were many in the package!

Blue Bamboo Yoga is offering a 30 Day package for $30.  That might be a good way to start.  I may need to head straight to yoga on my way home rather than risk coming into my warm cozy house and never leaving again.

Thoughts for another day because I’m going to get off the couch, take a little more vitamin C, and head to bed.  I’m thinking healthy thoughts!

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