Catching Up….

Well, it’s been a week since I posted and I have alot to tell!

First, I went on my date.  It was interesting…….I think.  I met Date-Man at a small wine bar.  I didn’t wear the purple sweater, but wore a burgandy satin top with black trousers and flats.  I felt pretty cute!

The conversation was great and there was lots of it!!!  Date-Man talked non-stop, including talking all about his marriage, his ex-wife (why do people do that?), and his kids.  I didn’t have to carry the conversation, but I also had to fight to get the odd word in.

Bottom line, I couldn’t get a feel for whether or not he was interested.  He ended the date, and my guess is that he will not follow up.  I wasn’t smitten either, although I think he probably could be fun.

I am losing my momentum on dating a bit.  Checking the sites, and making conversation with strangers is getting  big dull.  And blind dates are it like riding a roller coaster.

I will continue to shop around for nice single men, but I may need a break.

On another note, I read the book — Born to Run.  It will not be changing my life.  It was a great story, but it didn’t inspire me to love running.  It inspired me to respect people who love to run, but I didn’t learn enough.  However, I did go for a 3km run at the gym last night and will continue to do this regularly.

I spent the weekend with my wonderful ladies from high school.  It is a wonder and a joy to me that we can still get together and enjoy each other as much as we did 30 years ago.  A grad day photo is followed by the snapshot from the weekend.

A couple of observations:  #1 — people are who they are, and they don’t really change.  Merely, our perception of them change.  All the girls were the same people, only more so.  Our dynamics didn’t change because we are all the people.  My perception of Mary Ellen was changed because I did not look at her with the same awe-inspired fear.  She was funny and charming and self-depracating.  Totally fun.

#2 — I am still insecure about being unmarried and not having children.  Yet, I am completely comfortable in and with my life.

#3 — I am aging well!  I’m likely the youngest looking one, although I could still lose a little weight to look younger.

#4 — I had a REALLY, REALLY  good time!  I need to have more fun like this.  I work too hard and I don’t play enough.  I need to extend my world and have more fun with more people.

#5 — I was one of the HOT GIRLS of Champlain High.  I need to remember that.  I’m still all THAT and MORE.  I’m a great catch and I need to focus on how fabulous I am instead of constantly judging myself.  I am very often my own worst critic and I sent my standards way too low.

On that note, here is my intention:  I want a great guy and I deserve one because I am one of the HOT GIRLS of Champlain High!  I am bringing more money into my life so that finances are easier.  I am meeting life from a position of power.  I am healthy and fit and feeling great about myself.  Life is great!

Oh, and I bought the 30 Days of Yoga for $30.  Now I just have to start!

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