Enjoying Different People

It’s November, which means it’s dark, wet, gloomy and chilly.

I have been coming home right after work and eating carbs – no surprise there.  And I don’t feel like workout out.  It might be better when the days start to get a little longer, but I need to figure out a way to beat the inevitable weight gain.  We’re closing in on Christmas and I don’t want to be a lump when it’s over.

Interesting thoughts:

I had lunch with a former interest on Monday.  No stressing, no butterflies, no chemical brain malfunctions from extreme attraction.  Just a nice lunch with a smart, interesting man.  We talked alot about business and a little about life.  It was just really nice.

I came away from that lunch with no angst, just a smile on my face.  That’s  a pretty nice place to be.

I also re-connected with my first correspondent on Lava.  Hospital-guy.  He seemed to think that I had dropped the ball, although I was sure he had.  However, we’re corresponding again.  I have another interesting possibility in the works.  Perhaps we will meet sometime soon.  Feels like I’m still working on the plan, which is good because I thought it had stalled.

That said, I’d best get this carb-loading under control if I’m going to meet a new man!!!  Definitely time for some good nutrition and some yoga — maybe with some early morning runs thrown in.  I may try the Paleo Nutrition challenge.

Another interesting observation:

I had a conversation with a close peep, who told me that she was fully aware of a “personality defect” she possessed.  No apologies, no shame, no guilt, no plans to change this defect.  In fact, it serves her well.  This characteristic means that she feeds off the hard work of other people — and does no hard work herself unless absolutely necessary.  It means that I have to be very careful in our relationship not to allow myself to be used.  I guard my energy carefully to enhance my own life, rather than give it away to her.  If I do assist, it must be reciprocal.

Until now, I did not know she was aware of this flaw.  But she is.  With no plans to change it.  Interesting.

I like knowing how to work hard, solve my own problems, and expand my intelligence.  My defect is that I need to ask for help more often.  Also a flaw.  But not a fatal one!

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