Strength and Capability

So, winter is finally upon us.  Sadly.  I am a summer girl and I don’t love to see the cold weather and snow arrive.

This is my backyard, with an early morning dusting of snow.  It might be time to put away the patio furniture!

Yesterday was a busy day, full of all kinds of good and challenging circumstances.  I reflected on how capable and strong I am.  And I think often of the blessings of age and experience in dealing with life.

I spoke with a friend yesterday whose whole day was thrown off by the freezing rain, chaotic traffic, and the need to scrape the ice off the car before venturing out yesterday, mid-morning, to do personal chores.

On the other hand, I scraped my car at 7:00am, was at work before 8:00 in spite of the weather, managed an enormous variety of activities including some bookkeeping, Christmas party planning, a little legal work, research on a corporate acquisition, hiring a new staff member, sending another home sick, and assisting the friend with the “low flow” day.  All of this and I am 24 hours from getting my period!!

It feels good to be strong and capable.  True, my house is never as clean as I’d like, I never get quite enough exercise, and I never eat as well as I should.  But I can handle almost anything that life can throw at me with a reasonable amount of intelligence and equanimity.

Now I need to work on more balance — specifically, I need to have more fun.  I’m going to do a little more Christmas shopping, perhaps have a nap, and find something new and lovely to read.   Tomorrow, I’m going to go out for a lovely brunch and a visit to the National Gallery to celebrate a good friend’s birthday.

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