I have a chip…..

…on my shoulder.  A big one.

There are a great many days when I think my life is harder than everyone else’s.  And it’s just not fair.

I envy others their free time, their dual incomes, their bigger, lovelier homes, their garages, their coupledom, their resources, their savings, their clothes, their fitness, their cars, their support systems and their social lives.

And it feels like I work really, really hard in my life to keep my life simply on an even keel.

Strangely, at the same time, I can be really content with where I am in life on occasion.  But I do need some “ease”.

I’ve realized that the people who have all of these advantages are couples.  Not every couple manages their lives well, but the ones who do have all these advantages.Couples who manage their lives well do many things to make life easier.  They split the daily work (chores).  Two incomes pay the bills.  They support each other’s goals and projects.   They boost each other emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, romantically, physically.

I, however, do everything alone.  All by myself.  Alone.

What do I know from this?  I want a partner.  A partner who is as interested in a blessed partnership.  A helpmate in life.

I have accomplished tremendous things all by myself – a business degree, owning a home, travelling.  But it’s time for me to have a partner to share the work and the joys of life.  I want more ease.  And I want more joy.

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