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Happy New Year!

It’s the last day of 2010.  Love this image from Google for 2011.  Fun!In retrospect, this has been a “prep” year, rather than a “change” year.  It’s been a year filled with AA-HAA!! moments.  I love that!   It’s time to put the lessons and tools to work to achieve what I want in 2011.

This year, I learned:

1)  I can lose weight!!  My Bodybugg was/is a great tool.  I still have to white-knuckle the hormones and the hunger.  But if I can manage those challenges, the weight will come off.  Brilliant lesson.  Truly life changing.

2)  Yes, the world does react differently to me when I’m smaller and fitter.  It’s true!

3)  Sugar is the work of the devil!! 🙂  But Gawd, I love it. Must manage this.

4)  I can date if I put myself out there.  There may be a lot of first dates in my future, but it sure makes for great bad-date stories!!  And I learn a little bit about myself every time.

5)  I can run!  The ankle is stronger than I thought.  Now, what else can I do???

6)  It’s time for a new job.  Sad, but true.

7)  I can ask for what I want and need instead of always being the giver.  I can also be a receiver.  Big lesson here.

8)  I need to find more joy and have more fun in my life.

Wow!  Looking at this, I’m pretty impressed.  It’s been a really, really good year.  Add in the good friends, the nice family, the cute house, and the secure life — it’s a pretty great place to live.  I can already imagine how great 2011 is going to be.


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The Seven Dwarfs are Leaving!

Sneezy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy….Coughy, Drippy, and Stuffy are leaving! 

I’ve been on the couch for 2 full days and I’m bored silly.  I drugged up last night and slept relatively well.  And I plan to drug up today to get out of the house – even if I don’t do anything too exciting.

I’m a little disappointed because I had big plans to workout, eat really well, and do some yoga over the holidays.  However, I don’t have the energy to do anything physical.  And all I want to eat are carbs!!

I’ll cut myself a little slack this week to focus my energy on getting better.  More couch time = more time to spend on planning the changes I want to make in my life this year.

I purchased some green chai tea before Christmas and this has been my drink of choice over the last couple of days.  Here is an article on benefits of green tea for a long healthy life. I don’t love the grassy taste of green tea, but I LOVE chai tea.  This is the brand I bought.And I must say that I do love lazy mornings on the couch!  It’s a welcome change from flying out the door at MACH2 at 7:15 every single morning.


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Christmas Hangover

It’s December 27th.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve still got a Christmas hangover.

Not an alcohol hangover.  An exhaustion hangover.

December is too much work, too much shopping, too much socializing (of the obligatory variety, not the fun stuff), too much food, too much family…..not enough daylight, not enough sleep, not enough fun, not enough relaxation.

Geez, that doesn’t sound very good, does it?  Next year will be more fun, I swear!

I’ve got a cold –  Thank You Mom!  Why do people who are sick insist they don’t like to take cold medication?  And then they spread their sneezy, cough-y germs everywhere?????

OK, enough complaining.  I’ve managed to enjoy two full days on the couch in yoga pants with the TV, a book, the laptop and a box of tissue.  Not a bad way to get over Christmas, I guess.

I’ve had lots of time to read and surf and I came across some interesting things:

Mr. and Mrs. Not Made Of Money is an interesting budgeting/financial blog.  I’m all about saving money this year.  Here is an interesting article on the power of compounding.

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise – NYT Magazine is a very interesting article on the role of exercise in weight loss.  It seems we women are once again at a disadvantage.  Cole’s Notes:  intense exercise turns off a man’s appetite and turns on a woman’s appetite.  Life isn’t fair.  However, both sexes need to exercise to keep weight off.  It seems women need to move moderately and constantly, while decreasing calorie intake to lose weight.  Interesting.

Knowledge applied is power.

Fit Women Over 40 is an interesting site for those of us over 40 who refuse to turn into my Mom.  Who accepts (and embraces?) the downward slide into old age.  Today’s article is about the 9 Habits of Reasonably Fit Women Over 40.  Ha!  I love that!!  Only a woman over 40 would have the wisdom to know that maintaining a “reasonable” level of fitness is a beautiful goal.

Gotta love a few days on the couch.  I might just exchange my yoga pants for pajamas now.  And some cold meds.  🙂

Good Night!


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Christmas is over!  Hallelujah!!

Ate too much.

Slept too little.

Big family obligations.

Now the holiday begins!

Observation:  My mom has aged a great deal in the last year.  She’s not steady on her feet anymore.  She requires a lot of supervision.  A two day holiday is a marathon for her.  She is embracing being old in the worst of ways.  Makes me sad. 

We have decided, as a family, to stop buying gifts for everyone.  We may pick names, or we may dispense with the whole practice altogether.  We’re all grown-ups now.  We can shop for ourselves and leave the lunacy behind.

Also, turkey dinners are too much work for the enjoyment received.  We’re not doing this again either!

Christmas from now on will be about spending time in the company of loved ones, whether family or friends.  The rest really doesn’t matter.

So, now the holiday starts.  I’m curled up on the couch in a sunny window, watching HGTV.  There may be a nap in my future.  The chocolate will be gone very shortly ( 🙂 ) and tomorrow will be a new day.

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A Flash of Brilliant Clarity

Today was Christmas bonus day.

Yesterday I wrote that I was asking for as large a bonus as last year….or maybe more!

What I got was a flash of brilliant clarity.

The company I work for has had significant challenges for the last 4 to 5 years.  In spite of these challenges, the company has managed to operate status quo.  At the end of the company’s challenges, there may be significant financial rewards.  However, finances have declined this year.   The first cuts to the budget have been the staff bonuses.  Not management bonuses.  Not sales bonuses.  Not parties.  Not receptions.  Not promotion items like hockey tickets.  Staff bonuses – the bonuses for the worker bees.

It suddenly became very clear to me that my/our contribution to the company is not valued.  It is taken for granted.  Nor is it ever likely to be valued as it should.

I now understand that there will be no significant rewards for me.  There will be rewards for consultants, for management, for sales, for The Boss’ Boys.  But there will be no significant rewards for the staff.  Perhaps a little, if we’re lucky, but nothing significant.

Further, I don’t want to strive to achieve or exceed expectations in hopes of a reward that may never come.  I have  lifetime’s worth of experience trying to please people (men) who haven’t valued me.   It’s time to move on.

Today I learned this:  just because I didn’t get what I want, doesn’t mean I didn’t get what I need.

It’s time to polish up the resume.  It’s time to network.  It’s time to change my attitude.  The next six months will be spent finding a great job.  Really great money, intelligent and hard working coworkers, and a happy company morale.

Asking for more…..

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive…

I told the Universe I needed to have more fun and more joy.  Bring me more fun and more joy, I said.

Wine from the Hot French Lobbyist arrived yesterday.

Today, I received an email from the Event Planner from the Hilton where we held our work Christmas party.  I had a few small comments/complaints about the event – nothing significant, because I thought it was a lovely evening.  Josianne responded with a gift certificate for brunch for two at Arome, the wonderful restaurant at the hotel.How thoughtful!  How gracious!  How delightful!

Let’s see….what can I ask for today?

Well, the Boss is thinking about Christmas bonuses tonight.  I want the full amount.  No, wait!  Perhaps I will ask the Universe for a bigger bonus!!  I want a bonus that is 25% higher than last year.  That would bring great joy into my life!

It’s true that I often don’t ask for what I want in life.  It takes me out of my comfort zone.  It makes me feel selfish.  I often don’t think I am worthy of asking.

However, because I am 49 (almost 50!), I’m old enough to know that despite the momentary discomfort, sometimes you just gotta ask for what you want.  Even if you’re asking the Universe.  Maybe especially if you’re asking the Universe.

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Really Good Red Wine…

…from the Hot French Lobbyist!

I got a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the hunky Frenchman.  Oh Mon Dieu!  The bottle looks about 100 years old and I can hardly wait to try it.  I can’t decide whether to selfishly hoard it and drink it all by myself, or whether I should throw a little dinner party and share it with friends.

Wish I could share it with the Hot French Lobbyist, but he’s out of bounds.   Such is life.

It’s the Monday before Christmas.  Baking – done.  Wrapping – done.  Cleaning – done.  Shopping – done (except for some groceries).

I’m still a little too focused on the chores before The Big Day, but I also tried to focus on some fun as well.  I had lunch with my friend Freddy.  Lovely to see him and had a great Greek lunch.

Since I’m single (no, J. did not follow up on the email.  Another DUD.), I put some thought into putting together a vision for the future.  Like maybe the next 5 years.  Where do I want my life to be?

Where I am now:  good job, cute house, money in the bank (not enough tho), some really good friends, nice family.

Where do I want to be:  great partner/best friend, wider social network, great house for entertaining, greater financial success, fit, lean and healthier, world travel……

That’s not too much to ask, is it?  🙂

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