Another date….

Can you tell this is said with slightly less enthusiasm than the last time?

This is blind date number 3 in the last 6 weeks.  I guess that’s pretty impressive, isn’t it?  I’ve gone years without a date.  Perhaps the universe could sense that I was serious when I vowed to make finding a wonderful partner a project.

So, the next guy seems to be a real gentleman.  He’s VP of Communications at the Ottawa Heart Institute.  Impressive!  I would guess that he might be a good communicator.  He’s got no kids, so he leads an adult lifestyle.  He seems to get along with his family.  He’s just lost 30 pounds and likes to work out, so this may be a great influence on me.   He probably makes a decent salary which is always nice (although not necessary).  This seems alright.  We’re going for Thai food on Friday night.

Shawna was right when she said I needed to make this a project.  And I think that I have alot of “flow” happening right now.  The universe heard my intention and is aligning the stars.  If this date doesn’t work out, perhaps the next one will.  Gotta love the insight and calm that comes with maturity!

Had a lovely brunch with Bev on Sunday morning. It was her birthday — 63.  We went to the Courtyard Restaurant.  The ambiance is lovely, but the food and the service was not great.  I don’t like waiting 75 or 80 minutes for barely warm Eggs Benedict.  However, the conversation was lovely and we did a little shopping afterwards.

It’s the middle of the week.  Living for Friday….!


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