Carbs and Fat

I watched a very interesting video last night on carbs and the role they play in obesity.

Gary Taubes is a science journalist, and has published many articles on a broad range of scientific matters.  His latest is on the causes of obesity.  His article in the New York Times is long, interesting and very enlightening.

Basically, he says that eating carbohydrates, which increases insulin production, makes one fat.  It’s that simple.

It has less to do with calories in, calories out, and everything to do with how much insulin is bubbling around in our bloodstreams.  Fascinating.  Without insulin, the body cannot store excess calories as fat.

I had already decided to give the Paleo Diet a try from now until Christmas (with a few planned cheats!).  But this seems like a great reason to stick with this plan.   I weighed in this week and sometime just before Christmas, I will step on the scale again.  Let’s see if the weight drops off as hoped!

The plan:  protein, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and some dairy.  Feels pretty healthy already!

On another note, I went to a yoga class tonight and couldn’t shut my mind off for a single minute.  Gawd!!


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