I’m a lunatic!

I may be a lunatic, but I’m still sticking the Paleo Diet – even though there were huge chocolate bars on the reception desk today!

I resisted even though a coworker brought one of these into my office and opened it!  No sugar for this girl.

Back to my title – why am I a lunatic?

Because I am tremendously nervous about my date tomorrow night.  I went on LL again and viewed his profile.  I’m way out of my league, not cute enough, not smart enough, not well-traveled enough, not well dressed enough, not successful enough……just not enough.

I am judging myself, probably more harshly than he could ever possibly judge me.  Where does this come from?  Family of origin, of course.  Where else?

I must continue to remind myself that I am one of the HOT Champlain HS girls.  I am a great catch:  no kids, no crazy ex-husband, a home, a great job, money in the bank, nice family, cute, smart, fun….great in bed!…..

I will continue to give myself pep talks through out the day tomorrow, and hope that I have my head on straight by 6:30.

This is hard.


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