Snowy Sundays

It’s been snow-flaking all day long – and is starting to full scale blizzard now!  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!

I got up and got moving this morning – was thinking about Christmas gifts and decorating.   Specifically, I’m thinking about a front door wreath and some candle arrangements for the bookcase mantel.

So, I found a wreath that was a cross between this:And this:I’m going to add some of these, which I picked in my backyard:And tie the whole thing up with gold ribbon like this:That should make a really pretty wreath!

As well, I framed the picture Bev and Ian brought me from the Grand Canyon and hung it in a good spot in the kitchen.Then I made a great bolognese sauce which I had with spaghetti squash.  It was a good Paleo day.

On other notes, I sent J. an email thanking him for dinner.  I have decided, in this instance, that life rewards action!  I was the person who had to pursue during the email communication, so I took a chance again.  I was a little fearful, but I did it anyway!  Now I’m going to completely back off.

I couldn’t get a fix on whether he was interested or not.    As for me, I am rarely attracted to strangers.  I need to feel like I know someone to be attracted to them.  So, that’s my effort to further this acquaintance.

This is going to be an interesting week at work.  I will have alot more free time and am looking forward to finishing my day with more mental energy.


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