The Time In Between….

Today is December 8th, evening.  I’ve been doing the Paleo Diet for more than a week and so far, I feel really, really good.  I’m not nearly as hungry on fewer calories.  This is a revelation to me.  Usually, I’m ALWAYS hungry!!

But that’s not what the “in between” is about.

It’s been 5 days since my first date with J.  “first”!  That’s optimism.  I confess that I emailed him to say thank you, and was surprised and pleased when he responded with a follow-up email.  It wasn’t an invitation, just a You’re Welcome email.

So, the time in between is that limbo period  between where you first connect and where he follows up, if he’s going to.  I’ve spent alot of time in the in between.  Usually, I’ve been decoding every move, every word, every glance, trying to decide if he’s interested.

This time, I’m relaxed. Not even going to check my emails tonight.  Perhaps tomorrow, if I have time, or perhaps the next day.  I’m not in any hurry.  And I’m surprisingly cool.  It wouldn’t disappoint me a great deal if he didn’t respond.  However, I wouldn’t mind spending another evening with this nice man.

Glad to be 49.  🙂

On the way home from work, I bought 16 boxes of Pot of Gold chocolates!

No, they’re not for me!!!  Work Christmas party.  I also bought 10 LCBO gift certificates.  Gotta love the Christmas season.

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