40’s are great!

It’s a sleepy Saturday after the work Christmas party on Friday night.  I’m exhausted!!

This is Christmas party Joyce.  Don’t love this picture, but I felt pretty cute.

I worked my ass off.  Feel a bit like I’ve been hit by a truck today, even though I stayed in bed until 9:00am.

Observations from a 40-something:

1.  I plan a pretty good party.  Good food, great people, well organized.

2.  I can roll with the punches, like having our sales guy tell me he thought the food was horrible and the service dreadful.  139/140 people thought it was great.  Sales guy is an asshole.

3.  I can handle having the Hot French Lobbyist there, looking all gorgeous and sexy, and enjoy his company even though he’s totally out of bounds.  And kisses my cheeks.  Twice.  Oh-la-la!

4.  I’m thrilled with my life, however much it is a work-in-progress right now.  I speak with a coworker who lives with her Mom, is terrible with her finances and completely hates her life, and I’m grateful for my own.  I am truly blessed.

Except I need some romance in my life!!


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