Will 50’s be better? I think so.

Why do I think this?  Because with every day, month, year, I get a little smarter, a little more informed, a little more experienced and it’s slowly changing my life.

What have I learned this week?

Well, I blew the Paleo Diet all to hell!  After 2.5 weeks of no grains and low carb, I went on the mother of all chocolate binges.  Blame PMS.  Blame stress at work.  Blame the huge basket of Lindor chocolates at work (thank you John Downing!). In any case, my face is a mess!  My digestive system is gassy and bloated.  But I had a serious carb (read:  calm) coma going.

So, this is what I’ve learned:

1)  Carbs do not agree with my skin.  Is it an overdose of insulin?  Likely, yes.  Could it be this simple?  If I give up carbs, will my face stay clear and lovely? 

2)  PMS drives me to carbs.  No surprise there.

3)  Carbs make me calm and happy.  My mood changes instantly with lots of sugar.  Addiction?  Possibly.  Definitely some experimentation to do here.

4)  All of the bloat is gone with the carbs.

5)  I’m not hungry when I’m not eating grains.  AAA-HAAAA!  Is this what I need to do to manage my hunger better?So, the new plan is this:  kick carbs/grains for 60 days minimum.  Observe skin.

As well, I’ve been feeling a little blue because the dating thing hasn’t been working out.  Two men I could have been interested in were definitely not interested in me.  I think I was lacking in the fun mindset, but I also think that it’s based on looks.

So, the plan for 2011 is to put this issue to bed.  I’m going to go back to Paleo, workout, and get this mission DONE!  I’d like to see what impact -25 pounds has on the dating experiment.  Add good skin to that and it might be very rewarding.

So, 3 experiements for 2011:  (1) carbs/grain & skin, (2) carbs/grains and weight/hunger, and (3) -25 pounds/dating.  All good experiments that go hand in hand to make significant improvements to my health anyway.

In spiteof these observations, I spent the entire day baking Christmas cookies – and only ate 3!!!!  They’re for my people at work for Christmas.

Still not feeling all that Christmas-y though.  Feels like just a lot of chores that need to be accomplished before it’s over.  How do I get some Christmas spirit?  This picture feels like midnight Mass to me…..


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