I need to have more fun!

I am a worker bee.  I think in terms of chores.  What do I have to get done next?  What’s the next item on the list of to-do’s to cross off?  I focus on work, work, work.  Even in my home life and especially in my work life.

Other people have a much different attitude.  They may do no more work than I do, but they seem to enjoy life more.  They manage to bring a lot more joy into their lives. 

I need an attitude adjustment!  I need to have more fun!!  I need to stop focusing solely on work and chores.

I truly believe this is a mindset.  If all I think about is work, then I will have  life that is all work.  If I have a life focused on problem solving, then I will have a life full of problems to solve.  If I balance work and joy, then I will have a balanced life.

Therefore, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to bring more joy into my life.  I need to have more fun.  I need to bring more fun people into my life.  I need to expand my neighbourhood to include more than my street and my office.  I need to enjoy the fun things that are right at my doorstep.  I want to eat out more, go to museums, shop in different places, enjoy decorating my house, enjoy feeding myself well, enjoy moving my body and getting some exercise. Even blind dates should be fun.

And I need to enjoy the good things I am doing now instead of considering everything another chore.

It’s all in the attitude!

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One response to “I need to have more fun!

  1. dia

    Glad I stumbled upon your blog. I am also 49! It’s hard to believe– it seemed like I just turned 40, and here it is a few years later (or so it seems) and I have 50 staring at me in the face (August ALSO). Like you, I have decided to embrace it–I am thankful because there are many people that never make it to this age. Aging is truly a blessing and I plan to make the best of it. (Just can’t get used to all the aches/pains, odd problems that creep up), but then again, many have it so much worse. I enjoyed your blog.

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