Christmas is over!  Hallelujah!!

Ate too much.

Slept too little.

Big family obligations.

Now the holiday begins!

Observation:  My mom has aged a great deal in the last year.  She’s not steady on her feet anymore.  She requires a lot of supervision.  A two day holiday is a marathon for her.  She is embracing being old in the worst of ways.  Makes me sad. 

We have decided, as a family, to stop buying gifts for everyone.  We may pick names, or we may dispense with the whole practice altogether.  We’re all grown-ups now.  We can shop for ourselves and leave the lunacy behind.

Also, turkey dinners are too much work for the enjoyment received.  We’re not doing this again either!

Christmas from now on will be about spending time in the company of loved ones, whether family or friends.  The rest really doesn’t matter.

So, now the holiday starts.  I’m curled up on the couch in a sunny window, watching HGTV.  There may be a nap in my future.  The chocolate will be gone very shortly ( 🙂 ) and tomorrow will be a new day.


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