Christmas Hangover

It’s December 27th.  I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve still got a Christmas hangover.

Not an alcohol hangover.  An exhaustion hangover.

December is too much work, too much shopping, too much socializing (of the obligatory variety, not the fun stuff), too much food, too much family…..not enough daylight, not enough sleep, not enough fun, not enough relaxation.

Geez, that doesn’t sound very good, does it?  Next year will be more fun, I swear!

I’ve got a cold –  Thank You Mom!  Why do people who are sick insist they don’t like to take cold medication?  And then they spread their sneezy, cough-y germs everywhere?????

OK, enough complaining.  I’ve managed to enjoy two full days on the couch in yoga pants with the TV, a book, the laptop and a box of tissue.  Not a bad way to get over Christmas, I guess.

I’ve had lots of time to read and surf and I came across some interesting things:

Mr. and Mrs. Not Made Of Money is an interesting budgeting/financial blog.  I’m all about saving money this year.  Here is an interesting article on the power of compounding.

Weighing the Evidence on Exercise – NYT Magazine is a very interesting article on the role of exercise in weight loss.  It seems we women are once again at a disadvantage.  Cole’s Notes:  intense exercise turns off a man’s appetite and turns on a woman’s appetite.  Life isn’t fair.  However, both sexes need to exercise to keep weight off.  It seems women need to move moderately and constantly, while decreasing calorie intake to lose weight.  Interesting.

Knowledge applied is power.

Fit Women Over 40 is an interesting site for those of us over 40 who refuse to turn into my Mom.  Who accepts (and embraces?) the downward slide into old age.  Today’s article is about the 9 Habits of Reasonably Fit Women Over 40.  Ha!  I love that!!  Only a woman over 40 would have the wisdom to know that maintaining a “reasonable” level of fitness is a beautiful goal.

Gotta love a few days on the couch.  I might just exchange my yoga pants for pajamas now.  And some cold meds.  🙂

Good Night!



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