Snow Day!

And I didn’t have to go to work today!  I love to play in the snow….but I don’t love to drive in it.I did spend some time shoveling the walk ways and the back deck.  It was fun!

I’m on Day 5 of low-carb/high-protein.  And I have ENERGY!!  I don’t know if this is normal, but it feels really good.  Normally, I’m totally burned out on Saturdays after a long, long work week.  But not today!  Could it be the eating program?  Or maybe I’ve just turned a corner at work….I care a little less and I am not giving quite as much. Or maybe I’m just at an energy point in my cycle.

So, what does a LC/HP Saturday look like?

Breakfast: greek yogurt, a few blueberries and some chia seeds.

Lunch: 3 eggs (fried in butter – no kidding!), ham and some coleslaw with full-fat dressing.

Snack: an ounce of cheddar cheese and a half dozen almonds.

Dinner: chicken and veggies cooked in butter (again…no kidding!) with a coconut milk/curry sauce.  And a couple of ounces of white wine – not really on the program but it’s Satuday night and I have energy!  Celebration!My skin is clearing up….I’m not assuming it’s the LC/HP program yet.  After all, it had to clear up sometime, right?  But maybe it is.

My toughest challenges with losing weight are lack of energy and BIG BOY hunger.  Is this THE program to change all that?  In any case, it feels decadent and gluttonous eating butter.  I feel like the Diet Police are going to pound on the door and drag me off for unlawful fat consumption.  Never mind the nuts and the cheese!  🙂

I have a summertime goal.  Yes, I know it’s Jennifer Aniston, but I want to look great in a black tank top and shorts.No problem!

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