Day to Day Stuff….

Full, full day today.  Meetings and negotiations sandwiched between hundreds of mundane tasks.  Way too many distracting non-priorities.

I still have my bad attitude, but I’m getting things done nevertheless.  But behind the bad attitude, I am keeping something in mind.  All of the new, challenging, outside-of-my-job-description things I’m doing are going to look really good on that resume when it’s done!

While this background “music” is going on, I need to find a way to disengage from giving 110% at work.  How do people do it?  I work with people who never engage!   I need to stop caring.  I need to stop caring if a contract is successful because it’s not my job.  I need to stop caring if a bid is written well because it’s not my job.  I need to stop caring if I can’t make a meeting because it’s not my job.

That’s my take on my job at the moment.  I am working on my resume, although I find it hard write in the evenings because I’m brain-dead.  I will finish it completely this weekend.  Once the resume is done, I will move on to job searches.

One of the best parts of being over 40 is having the experience and the ability to see people as they really are.  Sometimes if they are hiding themselves, you only see the mask they present to the world.  However, if you spend enough time with them, they surely will reveal their authentic selves.

I went to a meeting tonight with Obnoxious Sales Guy – the same one who insisted that the Christmas party was terrible.  He positioned himself beside the most Knowledgeable Guy in the room, outside of my Boss.  Very soon, it became apparent that Knowledgeable Guy was going to be a powerhouse on this project.  And I think that Obnoxious Sales Guy is going to ride his coattails.  Now, this will be a good thing for the company, but I was annoyed because I believe that everyone should carry their own weight.  (But what do I care, right?  I need to disengage!  🙂  )

I look back on OSG’s career… and I can see where he has done this all the way through.  He talks big, and finds someone else to do all the work.  Note to self:  I think he has ADD.  He dresses really well, drives a fancy car, wears too much cologne, and manages to convince people that he’s considerably more capable than he is.  But he can always find someone to do the work for him.  Interesting.

It’s liberating to stand back and see someone objectively with crystal clarity.  And it might be liberating to disengage too….but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.


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