Learning, learning, learning….

I ate ice cream yesterday. And a sandwich followed by cookies the day before.

So, I guess I now know that I can’t manage high protein/low carb for an entire month, never mind 60 days.  Gotta have some carbs to get through PMS.  What can I say?Jillian Michaels says “There is no failure, only feedback.”  I guess I’d better look for the feedback here.

From Bodybugg, I learned that if I move around all day, I can burn as many calories as having a big workout in a one hour window.  And I learned that if I’m consistently consistent, I can lose weight.

From the high protein/low carb program, I learned that I need to eat lots of protein and some fat to feel full.  I MUST use this lesson if I’m going to be successful.

And then, Younger Sis convinced me to join Weight Watchers (online) yesterday.  I’m hoping the new program works better than the old one did.  I’ll give it a shot – what the hell! The new focus on the WW Points Plus program is whole healthy foods that are lower in carbs.  I like this idea alot or I wouldn’t have joined for the 100 millionth time.  And if it worked for this girl (family tragedy, young child), then there should be no reason it won’t work for me.166 days until July 1.  I will start the summer wearing shorts and a tank top!!  I WILL!!


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