Funny How Life Works!

So, I had another crappy day at work today.  I screwed up…….because I was going 100mph doing 20 things at once, trying to keep up with my own increased workload as well as that of a coworker who is away.  Anyway, I’m not going to bitch about that because I’m totally boring myself by complaining all the time.But, I thought I would pop into Shoppers Drug Mart on my way home to pick up some healthy goodies (CheeCha Puffs and 100 Calorie chocolate covered pretzels).Who should I meet but a former consultant with our firm with whom I have a great relationship!  We talked for a little while (OK, I complained.  Which is why I’m boring even myself).  Finally, I asked him if he would be a reference for me as well.  Brilliant, right?  He’s perfect! And he agreed.

Funny how life puts the right people in my path when I need them.  The trick is to be open to them.

Now I really need to finish the resume.  The plan is coming together, which really excites me.

And I’m going to hot yin yoga.  I need to calm my mind down because thinking about work 24/7 is also boring.  I WILL claim my mind back.  At least for tonight.  🙂

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