A Good Week

This week was a good week.  I’m saying it again:  this week was a good week.

In my quest for joy and balance as I head towards 50, it’s just as important to reflect on the good stuff as it is to complain (constructively, of course) about the bad stuff.  I need to give the enjoyments in my life as much attention as I give the challenging stuff.

Work was relatively calm this week.  C. A. L. M.  Oh-so-good.  I managed to get some productive work done, which can be difficult in a very chaotic business.  I tuned out the silliness and distractions.  Shut down Obnoxious Sales Guy.   Tuned out Negative Coworker.  Enjoyed some laughs with Brilliant Junior Finance Guy.   Calm.I had breakfast on Wednesday with the Hot French Lobbyist who not only agreed to be a professional reference for me in my job search, but also volunteered to keep his eyes open for opportunities for me.   This is oh-so-good too!

I finally got the resume done – but it’s too long.  Who knew I did this much?????  I often forget I have a big, big job.   I’m going to spend some time editing this weekend, and then I’m going to post my masterpiece on the job boards.(Anyone remember the typewriter?  I love this picture.)

I am really liking the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program.  It is EPIC to be able to eat fruit for snacks (yes, even bananas!!) and not have to count it.   The next weigh in is on Monday, but I’m just enjoying the good nutrition of the program so much, I’m not sure I care.

A-HA moment:  It’s easier to do one thing at a time.  I am finding it much easier to focus on eating properly when I’m not trying to cram in working out every day (and deal with the guilt if I don’t), packing the gym bag, doing enough laundry to have clean gym clothes and all the other energy spent around exercise.  So, for the next couple of months, I give myself permission to work only on nutrition.  And then when it feels good and the weather warms up, I will add back in the walking/running program.  The gym membership has been cancelled.However, I have an interview next week with my yoga studio.  I’m going to volunteer 4 hours a week in exchange for unlimted yoga.  Yoga doesn’t feel like exercise to me.  Yoga feels like something lovely I do for my mental health.  Balance.  Balance.  Balance.  And it’s going to be nice to meet new people and spend some time in a lovely zen space.Yesterday, I “escaped” (Ha!) work early and headed to Chapters for a decaf and an hour spent wandering through the stacks and shopping giftware on sale.  Bought a lovely mullled-wine scented candle ($3.99) – which is by my bed – and a very girlie piece of fiction.  Perfect for my Friday night and the glass of wine which followed when I got home.  Aaaaahhhhhhh.

Work – good.  Nutrition – good.  Life balance – getting better.  It was a good week.

Going shopping later at the brand new Lowe’s that just opened in my neighbourhood.  I have a little decorating in mind.  🙂

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