Decorating Joy

Can I just say that I love Lowe’s?  To paraphrase (not to be confused with Para Paints…bad pun, I know) How do I love thee…let me paint the ways!

Lowe’s has the line of Sarah Richardson paints made by Para.Sarah is my favorite designer!  I aspire to the kind of creativity and energy she has.  Love the new show, Sarah 101.Lowe’s has the fabulous stove that I want!  Do I really need two ovens?  Definitely not.  But think of how fabulous it would be at Christmas or Thanksgiving!  Isn’t it pretty?  I LUST after this stove.

Lowe’s has the pretty new light fixture for my porch I’m going to sweet-talk my bro-in-law into installing when it’s not -30 degrees and snowing….sometime in the near future!And they have the gorgeous glass backsplash tiles I want for my kitchen.  So pretty! Oh, the list is endless, really…….

On this snowy, chilly afternoon, it was fun to be a consumer in a brand new store.  And, guess what’s right next door to the new Lowe’s?  Home Sense!!  Discount decorating fabulousness!!  Time to get creative……… with the budget too.  🙂


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One response to “Decorating Joy

  1. Oooh! I like those tiles too!
    I don’t even want to go into a home improvement store right now, we have so many needs I wouldn’t know where to start!

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