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Busy Weekends

So, did I mention that I went to a jewelery party on Friday night?  In attendance were 20 lovely ladies, including our hostess, Best Friend’s daughter, Teacher-Girl.

Teacher-Girl is fun – she’s a yummy-mummy with a great 4 year old and a very nice husband.  She’s part of a group of yummy-mummies…you know the kind….7 for All Mankind jeans, $300 haircuts, hip homes, SUV’s, and tight butts.

But Teacher-Girl does throw a mean party, complete with slushy drinks, cheesy dips, chocolate fondue, and lots (ya, lots!) of wine.  The jewelery line was Stella and Dot.  Of course, I fell in love with a few things, but these home party items are very expensive.  Drool-worthy, however.

My favorites:Bracelet – $70.  Completely impractical but gorgeous.  Couldn’t wear it to work because it would bang on my desk every time I put my arm down.Necklace – $60.  I could probably find something like this at Winners for 1/3 the price.  Seriously.  Pretty and sparkly, though….

How much did I spend?   Wait for it…..    $0.00!!  Yes, I behaved myself (money-wise) and didn’t buy anything.  Jewelery parties are not a line item in the budget.

This morning, I had brunch with my lovely friend (and physiotherapist) Myra.  We went to Cora\’s, the best brunch spot in the city.  I had Eggs Benedict with mushrooms and brie….hollandaise on the side.  But only because it makes my english muffin soggy, not because it’s loaded in butter.  🙂

This afternoon included a trip to the insane asylum that is IKEA on a Sunday afternoon.  It was crazy-busy, and I didn’t buy anything there either.  What restraint!!!!  Actually, I didn’t want to wait in line at the cash.

The Academy Awards are on tonight.  My predictions:

1)  Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be great.

2)  Nathalie Portman and Colin Firth will win.  I really, really hope that Colin Firth wins.  He’s Mr. Darcy (P&P) after all.

3)  The Kings Speech will win best picture.

We’ll see.  There is wine chilling and a frozen pizza to enjoy while watching.  Enjoy your evening.


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Energy Saturday

Don’t you just love when you get up on a Saturday morning…no alarm….with lots of energy?

I started my morning with great coffee, toast and peanut butter.I’m pretending to be a food-and-healthy-living blogger today.  I didn’t take that picture.

I did an easy Hatha 1 class at 9:00.  New instructor – really liked her.  I really need to address the shoulder problem however.  My downward dogs sucked.  I’m having brunch with my physiotherapist tomorrow morning so I’ll set something up to get a little treatment.

I planned a $4 science experiment this afternoon.  I’ve never cooked dried beans from scratch.  I’ve used beans out of a can for chili or salads, but have never cooked them.   I am hearing bad things about BPA in cans though.   Today, these were on the menu.Luckily, the directions were on the package, although I did some research on the internet as well.

See?  I AM a food blogger (blurry pics and all).  Here are the finished products.The black beans were  little overcooked, but the chick peas turned out great.  Now I have to figure out a way to incorporate them into a healthy meal!

Just a note:  this is a really cheap way to get protein.  Really cheap!!  Each bag cost about $2, and there is a lot of bean cooking ahead of me.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day and I did a little running around…which I then followed up with a nap on the couch in a sunny window.  Good living.

Hope your day was swell.


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I’m writing this post from my part-time gig at the yoga studio.  All is quiet and zen tonight.

To my complete surprise, three…count them, THREE!….business associates came into the studio this evening.  I wasn’t even aware that they lived in my neighbourhood.  These women work for other companies in the same industry, and we spent a little time talking shop.  Unfortunately.  😦

However, I’m not going to let that interrupt the flow of my evening.  While classes are in session, I get to hang out, surf, write my blog, and check out Cooking Light and other health related sites.  That’s a pretty good deal for unlimited yoga.

It’s been a quiet week.  While the sun has been shining and the weather warming, the snow has been melting.  Feels a little bit like spring.

We are expecting another 15cm of snow tomorrow (how much is that in inches?), but the sun is warmer and the days are a little longer.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I signed up for a summer run yesterday – Emilie\’s Run, on June 25th.  It’s a women-only run (5K) and it will be a good way to get me off my hibernating-bear-sized butt!  Hopefully, a friend will run it with me.

Since the yoga music is lulling me to sleep, I’m going to walk around for a bit.  Have a lovely evening, all.

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I just read a very interesting post on a fellow blogger’s site.

While the content of his site is not generally my preferred reading material, I loved the post \”Now is Your Time!\”

Short exerpt below:

Mother Teresa was forty years old when she founded the Missionaries of Charity.

Jack Nicklaus was forty-six years old when he shot 65 in the final round, and 30 on the back nine, to win the Masters.

Henry Ford was fifty years old when he started his first manufacturing assembly line.

Ray Kroc was a fifty-two-year-old milkshake machine salesman when he bought out Mac and Dick McDonald and officially started McDonald’s.

Pablo Picasso was fifty-five years old when he painted “Guernica”.

Dom Pe`rignon was sixty years old when he first produced champagne.

Oscar Hammerstein II was sixty-four years old when he wrote the lyrics for The Sound of Music.

Winston Churchill was sixty-five years old when he became Britain’s prime minister.

Nelson Mandela was seventy-one years old when he was released from a South African prison.  Four years later he was elected president of South Africa.

Truly inspiring. There were more examples of accomplishment before and after these, but I found these particularly moving, perhaps because of the age bracket.  Great ccomplishments may be achieved at any age.

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OK, today I’m not grateful any more.  I’m an ungrateful, growly, snarky beeee-yatch.


The temperature has dropped 20 degrees in the last 24 hours and the wind has picked up incredibly.  It’s COLD!!

After running some errands, including some well-planned groceries from a list, I zoomed off to Lowe’s to help Best Friend pick out backsplash tiles for her new kitchen.  These are the tiles we picked out – lovely creamy taupe – to go with rich espresso stained shaker cabinets and rose granite counter tops.  Gives me kitchen envy.  🙂

For the rest of the afternoon, I’m going to curl up on the couch with a couple of new CD’s, my two latest books, and the remote control.  Yes, my floors need cleaning and I should be doing laundry, but it’s a long weekend and I feel like lounging.  No, I’m not going to log into work.

Book 1:  The Endless Forest by Sarah Donati.  It’s the last in the series and I’m so excited to be reading it.Book 2:  Counselor by Ted Sorensen.  I love politics and history, big nerd that I am.

Dinner will be comfort food (noodles?) and a glass of red wine.

Stay warm today if you are somewhere in the cold zone.   If not, I hate you.  OK, not really.  Well, maybe a little.  🙂


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Half Way There

I am 49.    In fact, yesterday, I was exactly 49 1/2.  I am halfway through my year, and only 6 months from turning 50.

I started this blog to document my last year in my 40’s.  This is all very surreal to me.  I don’t care how gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffter,  Kim Cattrall, or Christie Brinkley are.  50 feels….well, middle-aged to me.

This is not me.  Really, really not me.

But this is me, and I’m pretty happy with where I am.   No stylist here.  And note the wine.  All good.How am I doing with my goals?

Most plans are on track.  Finances are good.  Yoga is on track (although I’m still not very good – but no judging, really!).  Weight is off track, but I can address a slight winter gain as soon as the weather warms up.  Health is great.  The career sector is still a little slow – I need to devote more effort and time to the search for a more enjoyable and productive position.

And, as expected, I’m struggling with work/life balance.  Case in point, I’ve taken the day off to do yoga and have a massage.  But I’m logged into my work email while I’m writing this.  Not for long, I’m promising myself.  🙂

Also on the list for improvement in the next 6 months:  taking vitamins regularly, including calcium.  Spending 10 minutes a day meditating.   Continuing to explore my relationship with food and how it’s affected by hormones.

On reflection, this list is really quite easy.  These are good problems to have.  I give thanks for all the blessings in my life.  I own a home, have a secure job, am healthy and  (for the most part) content.  My family and friends are safe and happy.  This is a pretty nice place to be.

And today – I’m grateful because it’s really warm (50 degrees F) and raining in the middle of February in Canada!  Paradise!!


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Vegetarian Goodness

It’s going to warm up today to above 0°C.  Hallelujah!  And by the end of the week, the temp will reach +10°C.  That’s 50°F.  Heaven.

I went to dinner last night with Cousin R, who is very much an “older brother”.  I don’t have any brothers, so my older cousins assume the role occasionally.

Cousin R is a former Air Force pilot, MBA, BMW-driving, Type A executive.  And he’s got lots of job advice for me, in the manner of all older brother types.  Actually, he’s got advice of all kinds.  I’ll use what I believe has merit and leave the rest.  And he paid for dinner!  🙂

We went to a groovy vegetarian restaurant called The Zen Kitchen.  The food was reasonably good but the service was amazing.  The special of the day was a dish with root vegetables.  Since beets are my very favorite veg, I inquired if there were beets in the meal.  Sadly, the answer was no.  But the chef sent out some organic pickled beets, just for me!

I pulled some pics off the website….Cousin R is not really into photographing food in public places.  Type A executive, like I said.  🙂

The dinner conversation also centered around yoga.  Cousin R and his wife C are accomplished yoga-ites.  Mr. Type A is trying to zen down to an –A!!  Amusing.  They recommended this yoga retreat, Kripalu, but it’s far beyond my budget.  Looks fabulous, though.  In the meantime, I’ll work on my practice at Blue Bamboo (now free since I’m a volunteer) and at home.

On a completely different note, Cousin R’s son M, who is in Hong King teaching, is dating the sweetheart of Asian pop music – Joyce Cheng (#1 on the HK charts for 4 weeks!!).  I received her new CD as a Chinese New Year gift.  I haven’t listened to it yet, but here\’s an article about the cute couple.

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