Could I be a vegan?

Isn’t that a good question?

Although I haven’t been a follower this year, I watched Oprah\’s Go Vegan For A Week show today.  Very interesting.  Without a doubt, I could easily be “vegan-ish”, although I don’t think that I would want the structure and discipline of eating completely vegan every day.

I regularly eat black bean fajitas, or lentil burritos.  I regularly eat pasta with vegetables and sauce.   I’m happy to eat pea soup and vegetarian minestrone….oh the list is endless, really.  Tofu, however, will never be a favorite.But could I go the extra step to read every ingredient list to see if there is any animal product, no matter how minuscule?   Likely not.  Too much disciple is required for that level of commitment.  Cousin R is a vegan.  He’s a difficult dinner guest to feed.I am the granddaughter of beef farmers, who also kept a chicken coop, and a pig barn to raise additional animals for family consumption.  When I was a child, I vividly remember attending, with many young cousins, the slaughter of a pig.  The animal was humanely killed before butchering and it went on to feed many families for the winter months.  It is the circle of life.

So, I would never embrace vegetarianism simply on moral grounds.  For me, it will always be a question of superior nutrition.  FOR ME, whether what I’m eating begins life from a seed or from a womb or egg is immaterial

Let me say as well, that I was impressed with Michael Pollan.  I found him thoughtful and articulate and moderate.  This is a revelation to me – usually Oprah’s guests are trying to sell the viewer something.  He was the voice of reason. I’m always curious about the different philosophies of food, whether it’s Paleo, vegetarian, or any other kind of diet.  Learning, learning, learning…….

It’s an interesting question to ponder on a chilly February night.  We’re about to get a huge dose of winter – 15 cm of snow.  Yay! (she said sarcastically).  😦




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2 responses to “Could I be a vegan?

  1. dia

    I know I could live on salads for the rest of my life. I love salad—just give me lettuce, spinach, garbanzo beans, almonds, beets, dried cherries and maybe some sunflower seeds (and of course Italian dressing). I don’t need steak or chicken that’s for sure.

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