A New Job!

I got a new gig!  I’m pretty excited about this, even though it’s a part time job, and not the full time one I’ve been talking about.

I’m going to be volunteering 4 hours a week at my favorite yoga studio in exchange for unlimited yoga.  I met the manager this evening after work.  It turns out she worked in IT professional services until she retired, and is now running the yoga club.  We had lots to talk about.  It was my first interview in years!  While I regularly meet new people, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the position to be judged.   It was a good experience.

What did I learn about myself?  I think I came across a bit “girly”.  I will try not to bring that persona to any serious interview I am on for the next career move.  Like I said, a good experience.  Or am I thinking too much?  I often think too much.  🙂

The goal with this endeavor is:

a)  do  a lot more yoga and stretch out the almost-50 kinks

b)  get my butt out my hibernation cave (aka the couch in winter)

c)  get prepped to start walking/running as soon as the snow begins to melt

d)  meet some new people and be in a new space

e)  get my zen on

The last one is the most important part.   Maybe.  OK, it’s all important.  I start next Thursday.



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