Lazy Saturday Morning

It’s a lovely morning.  It’s going to be a warm day (tho cloudy) and it will be perfect for a walk to enjoy the fresh air later today.The snow is a little higher than my deck, which is only 18″ off the ground.  Yes, I shovel the back deck and the path from the driveway.  I want the firemen to be able to reach the back of the house in case of a fire!  If they need to rescue me, I want them to have full access!!  I get laughed at for thinking that, but better safe than sorry.  🙂

We’ve been very lucky here – I have been watching the news from some US states and the incredible snowfall has paralyzed entire states.  Even the Superbowl in Texas will be dealing with winter conditions.  Incredible.This is how my Saturday morning is playing out.  I should could have gone to yoga at 9:15, but week day mornings are such a rush and a scramble, that its nice to just lounge for the first few lovely hours of a Saturday.

On the agenda for later today:  definitely a later-day yoga class, and a walk or a skate on the Canal on a lovely -2 degree afternoon.   It’s Winterlude in Ottawa.Perhaps I’ll fit in a few chores.  Perhaps not!

For tomorrow:  another movie in my quest to see as many Oscar nominated films as possible before the end of February.

I also posted my last harrassing reminder on Facebook to all of our friends and family to send my Mom a birthday card.  It’s her 80th birthday this coming week and we’re trying to “shower” her with birthday cards.   When the mail starts arriving, I know she’ll be so excited!Enjoy your day.


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