Aaahhhh, Sunday morning……

Another peaceful morning with coffee, a good book, some lounge-y time, and some lovely music – Dan Dwoskin – an amazing new talent!  Check out Dan’s music if you have a chance.

The plan for the day:  another long walk, and a heated yin yoga class at 4:15.  Heated yin yoga is absolutely amazing.  It’s much easier to get a great stretch when the room is 100 degrees.

I did 8km yesterday in the sunshine with Best Friend.  We wandered down  snowy paths as well as on  suburban streets in the spring-like temperatures.

Best Friend wore her sneakers (= summer tires).I wore my hikers (= winter tires).I had dry feet when we returned.  Best Friend didn’t.   Note to self:  wear hikers again today.

I’ve decided to save the Oscar-nominated movie for another day.  It’s just too nice out to be in a dark movie theatre.

No obligations today, except watching Superbowl commercials.  I’m not a football fan, but I do love a good commercial.  This Volkswagon commercial is the best I’ve seen this year.  Awwwwww……

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