Saving Money on Groceries

In the month of January, I recorded everything I spent.  Yup – every penny.  It was an eye-opening exercise.

I spend a crazy amount of $$$ on groceries.  Especially for one person.  Not all at once.  Not on regular once-a-week grocery trips.  I spend too much $$$ on drive-by groceries!  A frozen pizza here.  Baked Cheetos there.  A tub of PC Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup ice cream(!!).  A package of Two-Bite Cupcakes.This always happens when I’m eating badly.

No one will ever convince me that eating healthy is more expensive than eating crappy unless you’re feeding a big family. Why?

For these reasons (and I’ll speak for myself), when I’m not eating healthy:

1)  I eat out more.  And there is usually wine, appetizers and dessert.

2)  I eat a great deal more food.  Much more.

3)  I eat more packaged foods (and a lot more of the packaged foods).

4)  I eat junk good – chips, icecream, fries, cheese & crackers…..the list is endless.

When I am eating healthy, it’s a whole different ball game (it’s Superbowl weekend – had to get the pun in).

1)  I menu plan.

2)  I eat at home.

3)  I cook – from scratch, with real food.

4)  I grocery shop like an adult instead of zipping in/out for a basket of packaged unhealthy crap.

5)  I exercise more, getting my butt off the couch,  out of the fridge, and out the door.  Healthy eating seems to go hand in hand with exercise.

Sadly, Canadians don’t seem to have nearly as many coupon opportunities as folks in the US do.  But we do occasionally have great sales.  I managed to find some great deals on all kinds of pantry staples this weekend:  canned tomatoes, pasta, rice, canned lentils & beans, apples, tortillas, baby spinach…..


I’d rather spend money on traveling and great clothes.  And I fit into those great clothes by not eating crap while I’m saving money.  If anyone has any ideas on how to save money (in Canada, where coupons are used on a limited basis in our grocery stores), I’d love to hear them.



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2 responses to “Saving Money on Groceries

  1. I can identify. I save money by paying in cash and only taking a certain amount with me. I lose out at stocking up time but it helps with the everyday shopping (and I don’t mean that I go every day). I also shop from a list and I make my list from a menu. I live alone so I only have to buy for myself which is a blessing money wise. I’m enjoying reading your blog.

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