Good Decisions

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  there are no good decisions made in the grocery store at 5:00pm.

After several weeks of careful budgeting and controlled spending….

After a couple of weeks of very healthy eating…..

I needed to go to the grocery store at 5:00pm on my way home from work.  Cue the “Jaws” music.  😦

I had to order a cake for my Mom’s 80th birthday this weekend.  The plan was to put her picture on the cake and the bakery department needed 3 days advance notice.  That meant I had to order it tonight.This is my Mom at her RN graduation.  Isn’t she lovely?  She’s still just as beautiful.

Could I have come home for dinner before going to the grocery store?  Sure.  But it’s -30 degrees with the windchill and that just wasn’t going to happen.  Coming home meant staying home.

I succumbed.   The evil force overcame me.  This treat stalked me up and down every aisle.  Alas, I bought chocolate.  The most delicious kind when you have PMS, as I do….a checkout  line chocolate bar.  Supersize.Now, to be fair to myself, I also bought a bag of frozen blueberries and some grapefruit.  And I did come home and eat leftovers before devouring my KitKat.

And it was oh-so-good.  But that’s enough.



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4 responses to “Good Decisions

  1. can’t wait to see your mom’s cake! and that is a beautiful photo of her.
    the lure of the kitkat…that IS a good chocolate bar!! i don’t blame you…esp given the temps. i’m in southern ontario and we’ve got biting windchill going on!!
    stay warm!

  2. I used to love Kit Kat’s but I don’t eat them anymore. The ones in the states have gluten and I have Celiac Disease. I have to beware around 3 Muskateers though.

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