Enjoyments and Disappointments

It’s Friday night!  The Friday night before Valentine’s day.  If any more chocolate shows up at work, I’m going to turn into a Hershey’s kiss!!  The estimate on how many I’ve consumed in the last few days:  about 3 million.  This is exactly what I look like tonight, except I have cuter hair and I’m wearing yoga pants!

My enjoyment for the week is my first day at my new part-time gig as a volunteer receptionist at my yoga studio.  It followed a reasonably decent week at my real, full-time job.  No major crises.  Sane and productive.  I haven’t had a week that good in a long time.  In the crazy world of IT professional services consulting (with some serious legal battles thrown in), you learn to appreciate a good week.

Back to my part-time job – I had  my first training session last night.  It was really good!  I love Trainer M, who is a lovely and smart lady.  I love learning new things….like how to use the visa machine and renting yoga mats!  Strange, I know!  But it’s  fun because it’s so different from what I do every day.

The clients who come to a yoga studio are ready for enjoyment and zen, so the atmosphere of the studio is delightful.

The disappointment of the week is not actually a disappointment.

This is what my Mom looked like every day when she went to work….white uniform, white hose, white shoes, and that really groovy cap.I had requested a cake with a photo of my Mom sprayed on the frosting for her 80th birthday celebration on the weekend.  Sadly, the bakery doesn’t bake photo cakes any more.  BUT, my young cousin April is a budding cake artist and she has volunteered to bake a wonderful cake in the shape of a nurse’s cap – to celebrate my Mom’s long career as a nurse!  How cool is that?!  Do you think April will be able to bake something that looks like this?  I will be in awe if she can because I have a hard time baking cupcakes!  🙂

Tomorrow, my sisters and I and my youngest niece will be gathering to spend the day at Mom’s, ending with a lovely dinner out at Saffron Bistro in Pembroke.    I hope Mom has  a wonderful day.Pray we don’t get too much snow for the drive home.

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