Family Bonding Time

Yesterday was a complete success!

My sisters and I spent the day helping my Mom celebrate her 80th birthday.  What a great milestone!!  We spent the day relaxing, chatting and of course, eating – which is what we do best.  🙂

The drive was great – clear and sunny most of the way.  Since Younger Sis and I both drive older cars, we rented a new one for the trip.  Two words:  heated seats.  Every car in Canada should have heated seats.I obviously didn’t take this picture because there’s no snow.  It was a pretty snazzy ride.

Mom received tons of birthday cards from the “Card Shower” we threw her on Facebook.  We stalked and harassed all our friends, coworkers and cousins into sending cards.   The mailman had a serious workout and Mom was giddy with excitement.Isn’t this cute?

The day ended with a lovely dinner at Saffron Bistro – we were surrounded by couples celebrating Valentines Day.  The lights were low and the candles made it very romantic!  A little hard to take good pictures though.Sisters.

Beautiful niece who just got her braces off!

THE CAKE!  Isn’t this fabulous?  It was made by a young cousin who is not only a teacher but also a talented cake artist.  My Mom was a nurse for 35 years.  She was absolutely thrilled and delighted.

That knife was a serious weapon.  We could have murdered someone with that knife!

All in all, it was a great day.  Younger sis and I share some great conversation on the way home.  We had a long discussion about our family.  It’s so important to share perceptions and ideas about family dynamics with siblings.  We often have very different perspectives about the same people and events.  Open discussion often helps form a balanced view of yourself and family roles.

My sisters and I once had a long conversation about a dramatic and stressful event that was about to happen.  We were unanimous in our belief about how our parents would react, demonstrating that although we viewed the event from 3 different perspectives, we had come to the same conclusions.  However, our parents surprised us by reacting in a completely opposite manner from our expectations.  We realized that our conclusions were wrong and talked a long time about what had been faulty in our reasoning.  There was a happy resolution to the event, rather than a negative one, and it was a learning experience for all of us.

It’s a snowy morning and I’m a lazy bum.  All is well with the world.  The day holds a few chores, and a visit to a friend who is remodeling her kitchen.  I have been summoned to oooohhhh-and-awwwwww over the counter/flooring/cabinet choices.

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