Half Way There

I am 49.    In fact, yesterday, I was exactly 49 1/2.  I am halfway through my year, and only 6 months from turning 50.

I started this blog to document my last year in my 40’s.  This is all very surreal to me.  I don’t care how gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffter,  Kim Cattrall, or Christie Brinkley are.  50 feels….well, middle-aged to me.

This is not me.  Really, really not me.

But this is me, and I’m pretty happy with where I am.   No stylist here.  And note the wine.  All good.How am I doing with my goals?

Most plans are on track.  Finances are good.  Yoga is on track (although I’m still not very good – but no judging, really!).  Weight is off track, but I can address a slight winter gain as soon as the weather warms up.  Health is great.  The career sector is still a little slow – I need to devote more effort and time to the search for a more enjoyable and productive position.

And, as expected, I’m struggling with work/life balance.  Case in point, I’ve taken the day off to do yoga and have a massage.  But I’m logged into my work email while I’m writing this.  Not for long, I’m promising myself.  🙂

Also on the list for improvement in the next 6 months:  taking vitamins regularly, including calcium.  Spending 10 minutes a day meditating.   Continuing to explore my relationship with food and how it’s affected by hormones.

On reflection, this list is really quite easy.  These are good problems to have.  I give thanks for all the blessings in my life.  I own a home, have a secure job, am healthy and  (for the most part) content.  My family and friends are safe and happy.  This is a pretty nice place to be.

And today – I’m grateful because it’s really warm (50 degrees F) and raining in the middle of February in Canada!  Paradise!!


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One response to “Half Way There

  1. dia

    oh thanks for the reminder, if you are halfway there, that means I must be as well ! August Birthday. You look great–and are doing all the right things. That’s all we can do. I have to get back to blogging. I have been busy with some other things–you are inspiring me to get back on. By the way–I love the nurse cake you had made for your mom! What a special creation. I have such respect for nurses–it’s a tough job and takes an extra-special person to do it well! (by the way, Kim Bassinger is another one that looks TOO good for her age, and says it’s all natural–good for her if it is!)

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