I’m writing this post from my part-time gig at the yoga studio.  All is quiet and zen tonight.

To my complete surprise, three…count them, THREE!….business associates came into the studio this evening.  I wasn’t even aware that they lived in my neighbourhood.  These women work for other companies in the same industry, and we spent a little time talking shop.  Unfortunately.  😦

However, I’m not going to let that interrupt the flow of my evening.  While classes are in session, I get to hang out, surf, write my blog, and check out Cooking Light and other health related sites.  That’s a pretty good deal for unlimited yoga.

It’s been a quiet week.  While the sun has been shining and the weather warming, the snow has been melting.  Feels a little bit like spring.

We are expecting another 15cm of snow tomorrow (how much is that in inches?), but the sun is warmer and the days are a little longer.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I signed up for a summer run yesterday – Emilie\’s Run, on June 25th.  It’s a women-only run (5K) and it will be a good way to get me off my hibernating-bear-sized butt!  Hopefully, a friend will run it with me.

Since the yoga music is lulling me to sleep, I’m going to walk around for a bit.  Have a lovely evening, all.

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