Energy Saturday

Don’t you just love when you get up on a Saturday morning…no alarm….with lots of energy?

I started my morning with great coffee, toast and peanut butter.I’m pretending to be a food-and-healthy-living blogger today.  I didn’t take that picture.

I did an easy Hatha 1 class at 9:00.  New instructor – really liked her.  I really need to address the shoulder problem however.  My downward dogs sucked.  I’m having brunch with my physiotherapist tomorrow morning so I’ll set something up to get a little treatment.

I planned a $4 science experiment this afternoon.  I’ve never cooked dried beans from scratch.  I’ve used beans out of a can for chili or salads, but have never cooked them.   I am hearing bad things about BPA in cans though.   Today, these were on the menu.Luckily, the directions were on the package, although I did some research on the internet as well.

See?  I AM a food blogger (blurry pics and all).  Here are the finished products.The black beans were  little overcooked, but the chick peas turned out great.  Now I have to figure out a way to incorporate them into a healthy meal!

Just a note:  this is a really cheap way to get protein.  Really cheap!!  Each bag cost about $2, and there is a lot of bean cooking ahead of me.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day and I did a little running around…which I then followed up with a nap on the couch in a sunny window.  Good living.

Hope your day was swell.



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4 responses to “Energy Saturday

  1. great job on cooking dried beans for the first time…I love black beans and make a quick and easy black bean salsa…hmm…sounds like a blog in the making, doesn’t it? stay tuned, I’m thinking I may do that one Wednesday.

  2. I’ve cooked a lot of beans in my life (grew up in New Orleans the land of red beans and rice) but I’ve never cooked chick peas. I love chick peas. Will have to take the plunge. I know it would be cheaper and healthier than cans.

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