Busy Weekends

So, did I mention that I went to a jewelery party on Friday night?  In attendance were 20 lovely ladies, including our hostess, Best Friend’s daughter, Teacher-Girl.

Teacher-Girl is fun – she’s a yummy-mummy with a great 4 year old and a very nice husband.  She’s part of a group of yummy-mummies…you know the kind….7 for All Mankind jeans, $300 haircuts, hip homes, SUV’s, and tight butts.

But Teacher-Girl does throw a mean party, complete with slushy drinks, cheesy dips, chocolate fondue, and lots (ya, lots!) of wine.  The jewelery line was Stella and Dot.  Of course, I fell in love with a few things, but these home party items are very expensive.  Drool-worthy, however.

My favorites:Bracelet – $70.  Completely impractical but gorgeous.  Couldn’t wear it to work because it would bang on my desk every time I put my arm down.Necklace – $60.  I could probably find something like this at Winners for 1/3 the price.  Seriously.  Pretty and sparkly, though….

How much did I spend?   Wait for it…..    $0.00!!  Yes, I behaved myself (money-wise) and didn’t buy anything.  Jewelery parties are not a line item in the budget.

This morning, I had brunch with my lovely friend (and physiotherapist) Myra.  We went to Cora\’s, the best brunch spot in the city.  I had Eggs Benedict with mushrooms and brie….hollandaise on the side.  But only because it makes my english muffin soggy, not because it’s loaded in butter.  🙂

This afternoon included a trip to the insane asylum that is IKEA on a Sunday afternoon.  It was crazy-busy, and I didn’t buy anything there either.  What restraint!!!!  Actually, I didn’t want to wait in line at the cash.

The Academy Awards are on tonight.  My predictions:

1)  Anne Hathaway and James Franco will be great.

2)  Nathalie Portman and Colin Firth will win.  I really, really hope that Colin Firth wins.  He’s Mr. Darcy (P&P) after all.

3)  The Kings Speech will win best picture.

We’ll see.  There is wine chilling and a frozen pizza to enjoy while watching.  Enjoy your evening.

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One response to “Busy Weekends

  1. Congrats on your restraint…I’m the same way…can’t fit those expensive prices in my budget…but I do make a lot of jewelry and I was looking at that bracelet thinking “hmm…I could do that”…in my free time!
    Gotta go back to work tomorrow after a wonderful mini vacation..lots to do, big meeting to prepare for on Tuesday…ah well, makes us appreciate our down time more!

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