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The Joys of Physiotherapy

Let me just say that my shoulder is great!  Yes, the crappy shoulder that has been bothering me for months.  The shoulder that has limited my yoga.  The shoulder that has interrupted my sleep.  The shoulder that keeps me from reaching anything or putting on my coat with ease.

Three weeks of physiotherapy by the greatest PT in the world has increased my mobility almost 100%.  And I can downward dog again.  Oh, the joy!!  The excitement!!  The relief!!

Is physiotherapy a great job or what?!

In other news, it sorta looks like spring in Ottawa.   The sunshine is poking through the clouds.  The temperature is desperately trying to climb above freezing.  After 4 months of snow, the possiblitity of spring is starting to become real.

Canadians always think that spring is a miracle, because sometimes it feels like it might just not happen.

In other news…..

I went on my first job interview in many, many, many years!  A financial headhunting firm contacted me to set it up.  And they LOVED me!  They didn’t even blink when I told them how much money I wanted. 

I had absolutely no idea.  When you’re in the same job for many years, you forget how valuable you are and how much you’re worth.  Never mind the market, the Boss forgets how valuable you are and takes you for granted.

Let’s see if they can come up with the perfect job.

I went to a yoga class last night with University Girl.  Don’t you love spending time with friends who always make you smile, and enjoy your time together? 

We didn’t love the yoga instructor because she wanted to chant a whole song – but it was fun to laugh about it afterwards.  An ohmmmmmmmm is plenty of chanting for me.

Off to do some Blue Bamboo work.  Nameste, friends.



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Stupid Shoulder

Workout today:  3.7m (5.95km), and heated yin yoga (1 hr).

The miles were good, on this bright, sunny, and chilly afternoon.  I might have even bumped up the Vitamin D in my hour outside. It was only 2C degrees.  And windy.

Stupid shoulder!  I know I’m doing everything possible to heal, including all the exercise the physiotherapist gave me.  But it just doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough.  I guess I should be grateful that I’ve had so few injuries that I lose patience with the process.  Who does upper body work in a yin yoga class anyway?!!  😦

We had a replacement instructor today, and I don’t think I enjoyed her class as much.  I desperately need the long, slow hip-opening postures in yin yoga.  I have joints of concrete, especially hips and glutes.  (Probably lack of use…wink, wink!)  I don’t need to work on my poor shoulders – so I just sat those postures out.

Oh well, hopefully, my fav yogi will return next week.

And so the weekend is over.  I’m cooking tilapia for dinner (foil, oven), along with some roasted potatoes and a spinach salad.  I won’t bore anyone with bad photos.

Another interesting week ahead.


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Had the strangest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was having an affair with Buddy from The Cake Boss!  Strangest dream EVER!

Ha!  Not my usual type, for sure.  But I do love the show because, really, who can resist a show about cake?

I’m obsessed with everything surrounding the Royal Wedding.  I’ve told the Boss that I’m taking April 29th off so that I can watch the festivities all day long.  No kidding.

I may have a little solo 5:00am champagne breakfast party so that I can feel like I’m participating.   My parents had such a party on the morning of Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding.  It was during summer holidays and everyone was off work and celebrating.  Sadly, I was just a young teenager with an early morning part-time job and  had to miss all the fun.  I never got over it, so I’m going to enjoy as much of this romantic event as I can.

And it’s a good excuse to take a Friday off for a long weekend.

And I want Kate’s wardrobe.  Great boots.

Since I indulged in a little chocolate and peanut butter party yesterday, this is what I had for dinner last night.

Yogurt, blueberries and flaxseed.  No kidding.

I’m trying to get some flax every day because some of the literature I’ve been reading indicates that flax is great for normalizing estrogen and other hormones when one (namely me) is 49 1/2.   And it’s just plain good for you.

On the agenda today is another date with my sneakers, and a yin yoga class at 4:15.  The shoulder feels pretty good this morning and it’s a lovely sunny day.  It may even warm up to 40F degrees today (4C)!!!  Whooooo-hooooooo!!

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Thank God I put 5.4 km (3-ish miles) on my sneakers this afternoon because…..I just ate 9 mini peanut butter cups.  Threw the rest of the bag away.



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A Week Off

Back to blogging after a week focused on other things.

Let’s see….what’s happened this week?

Well, I’m still glued to the news out of Japan.  I feel the need to mention again how disappointed I am to see that the “major’ bloggers are completely silent on the difficulties faced by the Japanese people.  Perhaps they feel compelled to continue with “business as usual” to earn their sponsorships.

I pray that the international nuclear community can assist with these challenges – I understand that experts from around the world are now in Japan to participate in finding solutions.

On to things closer to home….

I think spring has finally come to Ottawa!  The snow in my yard is mostly gone and the sun is getting warmer.Notice that I have much less snow in my yard than my neighbours do?  It must be because I wish and pray harder for spring!It’s almost time to take away the red snowplow markers – a sure sign of spring.  🙂  I have an enormous pot hole at the bottom of my driveway that will need fixing soon.  See it?

This week has been a “heads-down” week.  It was time to put some serious effort into a job search.  I posted my resume on the internet job boards.I also circulated my brilliant work of art to various friends, including one who is expanding his business as a career coach.  His words to me – “This is the best resume I’ve ever seen”!  That definitely gives me some confidence.

I’ve already received a call from an executive search firm with a focus in finance .  I am going to meet with an agent early next week.  Progress!!  I need the interview experience.

I spent my work week leading a project that absorbed all my mental energy and time.  My firm must file a legal brief in court on Monday.  The Boss is at Disneyworld with his granddaughter.  Who do you think wrote a large portion?  Why, that would be me, of course!  It’s stressful because I know so little about this subject and the legal process. 

This is the reason I need a new job:  the Boss is at Disneyworld and I’m working on legal briefs! Seriously, I’m a numbers girl!  I don’t get paid enough to do this!

OK, that’s my rant for the morning.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m drinking coffee, deciding what kind of fun I can have today.  I’m going to get outside for a long walk, and perhaps do a yoga class later.  Yes, the shoulder is improving, thanks!

And I may take a walk through Homesense or Winners to see what kind of bargains I can find.  Enjoy the day.

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Still thinking of Japan

I’m still watching all the coverage from Japan – earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor meltdown – I can’t disengage because my heart is there, with everyone who is struggling, lost, injured, and separated from their families.  I can’t even imagine how terrifying these days are.One curious thing:  several of the “major” bloggers have not even mentioned this significant world disaster.  Is there some sort of protocol in the blogging world where bloggers just keep posting happy events of their days?   Am I missing something?  Perhaps people are just not interested?  Or maybe news coverage in their area isn’t as comprehensive as it is here? Or perhaps they don’t connect often with TV/radio/internet news?  No judging – I just don’t get it.

In any case, this is my journal and I couldn’t let this major news event and tragedy pass by without sending out prayers and healing vibes.  And a donation to The Canadian Red Cross.

On other notes, I have had a nice few days (outside of my CNN news obsession).  Friday night, Best Friend came over for wine and nibblies.  Strangely, jelly beans, chocolate covered pretzels, and smoked almonds DO pair well with Gewertz!!

The Boss is away and it’s been a calm and easy few days at work.  I have another week of quiet days and considerable productivity ahead of me.  It’s just lovely.

I puttered around yesterday, ran some errands, had a home manicure, and went out for dinner with friends Yoga Guy and Teacher Guy.  This is Grey Suede from Revlon, on sale for $3.99.  Score!

Dinner last night was at Absinthe.  It was…..OK, I guess.  The company and conversation were spectacular, and the service was very good as well.  The food was just so-so in my opinion and if I’m going to pay that much, I want truly great food. And when it’s this pretty, I have high expectations.Anyway, the eating-out budget for the month is blown, and I still have half a month to go!  I’m having a meal with the Hot French Lobbyist this week – he’d better pay!!

Here’s to a relaxing Sunday….


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Thinking of Japan

Praying for all those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Southeast Asia.


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