One of those Mondays….

Sometimes I complain on Mondays about how it’s just one of those days.

But today really was ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

First, I woke up to freezing rain, ice pellets, and snow.  It snowed all day….4 inches in total.  This added up to a difficult morning commute which took place 45 minutes earlier than usual because….

Second, I had a doctors appointment at 7:30am to get the results of my blood tests two weeks ago, and to talk about some itty-bitty not-important issues.  But Dr. Dave blew me off to deliver a baby.  Imagine!  The nerve!  What’s more important…me?  Or bringing a new life into the world?  🙂  Which means that I had to reschedule to tomorrow morning.  Another early morning.

Third, I got a reminder email from my “Boss” at Blue Bamboo to remember about the 8:00pm staff meeting tonight.  I don’t ever recall getting the first email!  So, instead of lounging with a cup of tea in my oversized cozy sweats, I’m heading out the door on a dark and snowy night.  And the plow just went by.  Might be some shoveling in my immediate future.

And, to add insult to injury….

Fourth (but who’s counting), my windshield wipers fell apart.  Blaaaaahhhhhhhh!  I had to stop at Canadian Tire to pick up new wipers (yup – bought the good, expensive ones) and washer fluid.  Isn’t it a good thing I didn’t buy the pretty bracelet at the jewelery party?

Surprisingly, I’m in a pretty decent mood.  Life has been so stressful lately that these minor annoyances are just that – minor.

And who could be stressed by a staff meeting in a yoga studio, with herbal tea and zen music.  C’mon, really!




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3 responses to “One of those Mondays….

  1. You just gotta love Mondays!!

  2. I absolutely hate going out in the cold first thing in the morning. I’d actually rather work late than subject my morning self to snow and ice.

    Did you take the photo while you were driving? I did that once…and I almost ran off the road!

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