It’s Thursday Already!

Wow, did this week fly by at the spead of sound!  Tomorrow is Friday already.

Another easy week…..sane at work, decent weather, just…well, sane.

Tuesday evening, I had a date with my favorite hair Stylist for my regular big-ass-whole-enchilada hair makeover (as opposed to just a root touch up).  Which means we have 3 hours to gab because it takes alot of work and a whole village to make this hair look naturally natural.  The topic of the day was which celebs are hot.  Stylist’s choice for boys:  Ryan Reynolds. Obvious choice, I say.  My choice for boys:  Charlie Sheen.  Ha!!  Just kidding.  My choice is Gerard Butler.  Gotta love a bad boy.  Notice the bare-chest theme?  Not Charlie – no one wants to look at Charlie’s chest.  I had no idea there were so many pictures of Mr. Butler in Google Images. I may have to revisit that search sometime very soon!!  🙂

Wednesday evening, I had a dinner with good friend University Girl (staff, not student).  We checked out a vegetarian restaurant called The TableI stole the photo from the website.  It’s a vegetarian restaurant, buffet style.  The food was quite good and the service was really good.  Lots of great fresh veggies including a raw beet salad that was yummy.  I also had a big think slab of homemade bread slathered with butter.  YUM!  Of course, the best part of the evening was 3 hours of great conversation.  The owner practically had to throw us out of the place.

University Girl is a former coworker and workout partner.  Just spending the evening chatting about fitness and healthy eating re-energized my motivation. I’m eating an apple as I write from behind the front desk at Blue Bamboo!

Have a very zen evening, all.  I’m heading back to my Gerard Butler image search!



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2 responses to “It’s Thursday Already!

  1. old friends and good food…no better comination!

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