A Big Fat Lie

After a million inches of rain yesterday, this is the view out my front door this morning.Seriously?  What about the groundhog who saw his shadow on February 2nd?  Isn’t it supposed to be almost spring?

It might be another cozy day at home today because it’s blizzarding, and yes, that’s a word.

Compliments of a Facebook post from Jillian Michaels (we’re friends….well, me and a million other people), I happened upon this article, A Big Fat Debate.  So, here’s a little intellectual stimulation for your Sunday morning.The gist of the article reads that fat is not the dietary enemy once thought.  Experts now agree that there is a place in a healthy diet for almost every kind of fat, save for trans fat.   It has also become apparent that excess carbohydrates and sugar are driving the obesity epidemic.

The article also presents an interest view of the effect of saturated fats on blood cholesteral levels – they can actually raise HDL!

Apparently, through faulty research and scientific assumptions, we’ve been doing the very things that we’ve been trying to avoid:  harming our health while working hard to do the opposite.

Interesting information for those of us concerned with a healthy lifestyle.  Good reading on this snowy morning.  Do yourself a favour and check it out.



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2 responses to “A Big Fat Lie

  1. I’m proof of the article. Growing up, my mom did not have very many fattening items in the house, but I had plenty of sugary drinks. And I blew up to 270s in high school. Once I was out on my own, I had access to sugar and fat and things got worse, see-sawing between 270-320 most of my adult life.

    Now after a year on low car and atkins, I am 201.9, by eating plenty of fat. 😀

    It will be interesting to see my blood work and how it looks compared to one year ago before I started my diet.

    Nice blog, have a great week.

    The Grumpy Man

    • I’m a product of this too, but I grew up on a very balanced diet. I hit the carbs/sugar when I became an adult after reading all the low-fat lit. Thank God things are moving in a more sane direction.

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