Still thinking of Japan

I’m still watching all the coverage from Japan – earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear reactor meltdown – I can’t disengage because my heart is there, with everyone who is struggling, lost, injured, and separated from their families.  I can’t even imagine how terrifying these days are.One curious thing:  several of the “major” bloggers have not even mentioned this significant world disaster.  Is there some sort of protocol in the blogging world where bloggers just keep posting happy events of their days?   Am I missing something?  Perhaps people are just not interested?  Or maybe news coverage in their area isn’t as comprehensive as it is here? Or perhaps they don’t connect often with TV/radio/internet news?  No judging – I just don’t get it.

In any case, this is my journal and I couldn’t let this major news event and tragedy pass by without sending out prayers and healing vibes.  And a donation to The Canadian Red Cross.

On other notes, I have had a nice few days (outside of my CNN news obsession).  Friday night, Best Friend came over for wine and nibblies.  Strangely, jelly beans, chocolate covered pretzels, and smoked almonds DO pair well with Gewertz!!

The Boss is away and it’s been a calm and easy few days at work.  I have another week of quiet days and considerable productivity ahead of me.  It’s just lovely.

I puttered around yesterday, ran some errands, had a home manicure, and went out for dinner with friends Yoga Guy and Teacher Guy.  This is Grey Suede from Revlon, on sale for $3.99.  Score!

Dinner last night was at Absinthe.  It was…..OK, I guess.  The company and conversation were spectacular, and the service was very good as well.  The food was just so-so in my opinion and if I’m going to pay that much, I want truly great food. And when it’s this pretty, I have high expectations.Anyway, the eating-out budget for the month is blown, and I still have half a month to go!  I’m having a meal with the Hot French Lobbyist this week – he’d better pay!!

Here’s to a relaxing Sunday….


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2 responses to “Still thinking of Japan

  1. 1959duke

    I know what you mean. Middle Tennessee was under water last May and nobody seem to noticed.

  2. It’s the strangest thing ever! They may be aware and concerned but don’t write about it. Puzzles me. Perhaps they need to stay on message due to the sponsors they have.

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