A Week Off

Back to blogging after a week focused on other things.

Let’s see….what’s happened this week?

Well, I’m still glued to the news out of Japan.  I feel the need to mention again how disappointed I am to see that the “major’ bloggers are completely silent on the difficulties faced by the Japanese people.  Perhaps they feel compelled to continue with “business as usual” to earn their sponsorships.

I pray that the international nuclear community can assist with these challenges – I understand that experts from around the world are now in Japan to participate in finding solutions.

On to things closer to home….

I think spring has finally come to Ottawa!  The snow in my yard is mostly gone and the sun is getting warmer.Notice that I have much less snow in my yard than my neighbours do?  It must be because I wish and pray harder for spring!It’s almost time to take away the red snowplow markers – a sure sign of spring.  🙂  I have an enormous pot hole at the bottom of my driveway that will need fixing soon.  See it?

This week has been a “heads-down” week.  It was time to put some serious effort into a job search.  I posted my resume on the internet job boards.I also circulated my brilliant work of art to various friends, including one who is expanding his business as a career coach.  His words to me – “This is the best resume I’ve ever seen”!  That definitely gives me some confidence.

I’ve already received a call from an executive search firm with a focus in finance .  I am going to meet with an agent early next week.  Progress!!  I need the interview experience.

I spent my work week leading a project that absorbed all my mental energy and time.  My firm must file a legal brief in court on Monday.  The Boss is at Disneyworld with his granddaughter.  Who do you think wrote a large portion?  Why, that would be me, of course!  It’s stressful because I know so little about this subject and the legal process. 

This is the reason I need a new job:  the Boss is at Disneyworld and I’m working on legal briefs! Seriously, I’m a numbers girl!  I don’t get paid enough to do this!

OK, that’s my rant for the morning.

It’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m drinking coffee, deciding what kind of fun I can have today.  I’m going to get outside for a long walk, and perhaps do a yoga class later.  Yes, the shoulder is improving, thanks!

And I may take a walk through Homesense or Winners to see what kind of bargains I can find.  Enjoy the day.

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