Had the strangest dream last night.  I dreamt that I was having an affair with Buddy from The Cake Boss!  Strangest dream EVER!

Ha!  Not my usual type, for sure.  But I do love the show because, really, who can resist a show about cake?

I’m obsessed with everything surrounding the Royal Wedding.  I’ve told the Boss that I’m taking April 29th off so that I can watch the festivities all day long.  No kidding.

I may have a little solo 5:00am champagne breakfast party so that I can feel like I’m participating.   My parents had such a party on the morning of Prince Charles’ and Princess Diana’s wedding.  It was during summer holidays and everyone was off work and celebrating.  Sadly, I was just a young teenager with an early morning part-time job and  had to miss all the fun.  I never got over it, so I’m going to enjoy as much of this romantic event as I can.

And it’s a good excuse to take a Friday off for a long weekend.

And I want Kate’s wardrobe.  Great boots.

Since I indulged in a little chocolate and peanut butter party yesterday, this is what I had for dinner last night.

Yogurt, blueberries and flaxseed.  No kidding.

I’m trying to get some flax every day because some of the literature I’ve been reading indicates that flax is great for normalizing estrogen and other hormones when one (namely me) is 49 1/2.   And it’s just plain good for you.

On the agenda today is another date with my sneakers, and a yin yoga class at 4:15.  The shoulder feels pretty good this morning and it’s a lovely sunny day.  It may even warm up to 40F degrees today (4C)!!!  Whooooo-hooooooo!!

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